Did you see our one-bag packing list and tips?

Beauty Essentials For Travel | Makeup And Skin Care - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

Dealing with makeup and skin care can be difficult while traveling — especially when traveling light. Susan shares her tips and favorite beauty essentials in our latest post.

What are your favorite products? Tell us!

Best Hostels in Barcelona — A List Of Our Favorite Budget Hostels

Barcelona is one of our favorite cities and it's loaded with great hostels. Here is a list of the best hostels.

Ultralight Travel Packing List — Carry On Packing Guide - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

Do you pack light when you travel? If not, check out our ultralight packing list to master the art of one bag travel.

You Can Get Nonstop Flights to Europe for $99 Right Now

Nonstop flights to Norway for only $99! You might have to do a little searching but it's impossible to beat these prices.

The good folks over at Bluffworks have a new Kickstarter campaign for a super nice shirt. I was able to check them out in person yesterday and I was very impressed.

PARIS LIKE A LOCAL SERIES #2 — INSIDER TIPS FROM SIGHT SEEKER'S DELIGHT - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

We have more insider tips for visiting Paris! Thanks to Sight Seeker's Delight for helping write our latest 'Paris Like A Local' series.

Paris Like A Local Series #1 — Insider Tips From Discover Walks in Paris - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

New Like A Local Series: We're interviewing local Parisians about their favorite places to eat, drink, and can't-miss sights. We're kicking it off with Discover Walks Paris!

MessyNessy's "Don't Be a Tourist in Paris" Playlist

Love this "Don't Be A Tourist in Paris" playlist.

Scam City | Netflix

Has anyone watched "Scam City" on Netflix? It's a show that highlights tourist scams in cities all over the world (many in Europe).

It's a little embellished but overall it offers lots of tips and insights to common scams that we write about on The Savvy Backpacker.

It's a fun watch!

Backpacking Europe Step-by-Step Planning Guide

The COMPLETE step-by-step guide to traveling Europe on a budget. Share this with anyone traveling to Europe soon!

The Super Easy $3,000 Study Abroad Scholarship from The Savvy Backpacker

We're excited to announce our $3,000 study abroad scholarship! Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to apply (no long essay or other hoops to jump through). Apply now!

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Hello from Lisbon! Have you ever been to this amazing city?

Anyone know where we are?

Europe Packing List — The Ultimate Packing Guide for European Travel

Everything you need to know about packing for Europe. Share this with anyone traveling this summer!

Best Hostels in Amsterdam - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

Amsterdam has over 100 hostels but some are much better than others. Here are our picks for the best hostels in Amsterdam.

Featuring Flyingpig Hostels, Clink Hostels, Durty Nellie's, MEININGER Hotels and more.

LIFT | Future Shorts

This doesn't have much to do with travel but it's a beautiful short film. Take 20 minutes from your day to watch it. Trust us.

Why I Wish I Would Have Spent More Money While Traveling — A Case Against Being Too Stingy

We love budget travel but sometimes we take it a little too far. What are your thoughts?

Outbreaker Travel Backpack

As you may know, we've been big fans of Tortuga backpacks for a few years. They've recently released a new travel backpack, a day bag, a duffle bag, and packing cubes. Check them out if you're traveling soon.

Things To Do In Paris | The 50+ Best Experiences in Paris

Are you going to Paris soon? Here are (in our humble opinion) the 50 best things to do/see/experience/eat in Paris.

What is on your "must-see" list? Let us know!

Where To Stay In Paris — Neighborhood Guide | The Savvy Backpacker

Paris has so many charming neighborhoods. Check out our guide on Where To Stay in Paris — our guide to our favorite places to stay in this amazing city.

What is your favorite neighborhood/arrondissement in Paris?

Question: What kind of research do you do before you visit a new city? For example, what part of the city to stay in, where to eat, what to see, etc.

Let us know! Thanks

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Love wandering around Paris.

Backpacking Europe Packing List — The Ultimate Travel Europe Packing Guide

Hey dudes, are you traveling to Europe soon but aren't sure what to pack? Then check out our Ultimate Europe Packing List — it has everything from backpacks and shoes to clothes and electronics.

Be sure to pass this along to all your travel buddies!

Affordable Winter Gear from Sierra Trading Post - Guide To Backpacking Through Europe | The Savvy Backpacker

I don't know if you all have check out Sierra Trading Post but you really should because they have a ton of super discounted travel gear. I worked with them to create a post to show how I could get all my winter travel gear for under $200. Take a look! #ad

Travel Packing List for Women — Packing Guide for Backpacking Europe

Hey ladies! We've just updated our travel packing list. It has everything from the best shoes and backpacks to clothes and toiletries.

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Paris. London. Rome. Berlin. NYC. Switzerland. San Francisco. Richmond. Madison... we buy Christmas decorations from all the places we've lived/visited. Do you have the same tradition?